UCI Professor Sues Johnny Depp Over Concert Debacle

In a rather unfortunate case of (alleged) circumstances, a UCI medical school professor is suing actor Johnny Depp, claiming his bodyguards manhandled and injured her during an Iggy Pop concert. The 52-year-old professor, who TMZ identified as Robin Eckert, filed a police report with the LAPD stating she was assaulted and injured at the Hollywood Palladium by his bodyguards.

Eckert stated that the actor’s bodyguards claimed to be off-duty police and prevented her from joining the VIP area she purchased tickets for. Furthermore, she states that Depp merely stood by as his bodyguards tore her iPhone from her hands “one finger at a time,” handcuffed her right wrist, then dragged her along the floor while “exposing her buttocks to the other Hollywood Palladium Theater patrons.”

In her filing, Eckert claims that as a result of the incidents she has suffered from bleeding, bruising, a dislocated elbow and aggravation of pre-existing medical conditions. Her attorney, Sepehr Daghighian, wrote in an email that they are seeking more than $25, 000.

Law enforcement sources informed TMZ that Eckert appeared to be intoxicated when she made the report.

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