UC Irvine Is The Worlds 4th Best University Under 50 Years Old

As a graduate of UC Irvine’s beloved Literary Journalism program, the news came as a great start to my morning but was hardly surprising. Over the years UCI has been gaining momentum at an exponential speed. From the newly established UC Irvine School of Law to its nationally and globally acclaimed research in the Sciences, UCI has more than proved its competitiveness in today’s global market.

So what does it mean to be ranked No. 4 in Times Higher Education‘s, a London-based mag that keeps tabs on higher education, list of the world’s top 100 schools that are 50 years old or younger?

THE ranks colleges by their reputation and global impact. Data is collected on aspects such as the influence the school’s academic research has had on other research, professor reputations, teaching methods, ratio of PhD to bachelor’s degrees awarded, and institutional income. THE places an emphasis on a university’s ability to collaborate on an international scale in regards to research, calculating its value in part to how much funding a school is able to garner from businesses and philanthropists.

UC Irvine is the highest-ranked U.S. university on THE‘s Top 100 Schools Under 50 List. Founded in 1965, the prestige and excellence established by the faculty and students of UC Irvine within such a short span of time has been phenomenal.

~ UC Irvine Is The Worlds 4th Best University Under 50 Years Old ~


Photo Courtesy of UC Irvine Today

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