Soon You’ll Be Able To Smoke Hunter S. Thompson’s Choicest Weed

hunter s thompson marijuana strains

Soon cannabinoid enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on Gonzo ganja. Anita Thompson, the wife of Hunter S. Thompson, announced plans to release a series of marijuana strains used by the late author.

You’ll Be Able To Smoke Hunter S. Thompson’s Favorite Weed

Anita Thompson reportedly saved six strains of the author’s choicest herbs and is planning to work with a company to extract and replicate these strains for sale. According to the Aspen Times, Anita Thompson said the product will be sold at dispensaries and the profits will be used to restore the late author’s prized retreat, Owl Farm ranch. She also hopes to turn the property into a part-time museum.

Plans To Transform Notorious Owl Ranch Into A Non-Profit Museum

Owl Farm ranch is a sprawling 43 acres of land in Pitkin County, Colorado. Hunter S. Thompson lived on the lot for years and stories surrounding the ranch are — as one could imagine — stranger than fiction.

Hunter S. Thompson notoriously enjoyed playing with explosives at Owl Farm and once even used a healthy amount of dynamite and gasoline to blow up his Jeep Wagoneer. He would later use the remaining heap of ravaged steel for target practice. There was presumably as much puffed as there was quaffed, as noted in the author’s own words:

I have always loved marijuana. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. And I still think of it as a basic staple of life, along with beer and ice and grapefruits—and millions of Americans agree with me.

Anita has been looking to open the doors to Owl Farm ranch to the public for years. While many see this as a cash-grab attempt, Newsweek reported Anita’s plans to open this non-profit museum. For years now, Thompson’s friend and cartoonist, Ralph Steadman, established a memorial fund to bankroll tours for faithful fans.

What To Expect On The Gonzo Tour

As part of the experience, fans — ideally just a group of no more than four or five — will be able to sign up for a tour on the Gonzo Foundation website. Anita says she’ll even fix you the same breakfast she made Hunter every afternoon (at 2 PM, mind you). What does this debaucherous brunch consist of? Coffee, grapefruit, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit suspended in Jell-O, topped off with a gin drizzled with Grand Marnier, of course.

Anita believes Hunter S. Thompson would have loved the idea of the modern cannabinoid dispensary. As she proclaimed in a recent interview: “He would have had a heyday! Could you imagine Hunter Thompson in a dispensary? Sometimes it breaks my heart when I go into one and that he’s not here.”

No, Hunter than man may not be there but the seeds of the author’s haze soon will be. Hopefully, Anita will release a series of The Gonzo [Rolling] Papers soon after.

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