A Handsy Guide to YouTube Predators

YouTube Predators

With the recent news of YouTube celebrity Sam Pepper’s alleged rape and sexual harassment accusations, now is the perfect time to figure out from which other channels you should unsubscribe. Because #yesmeansyes, damn it.

A Handsy Guide to YouTube Predators


Mike Lombardo

Username: MikeLombardoMusic

Lombardo, an artist on the DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) label, pled guilty to child pornography charges after using his position as an Internet sensation to convince 11 minor girls to send him sexually explicit photographs and videos. He’s currently serving five years in federal prison with a release date of 16th August, 2018, after which he has to register as a sex offender. DFTBA dropped him from its label following the conviction…probably because he forgot to be awesome.


Tom Milsom

Username: hexachordal

Another DFTBA artist that allegedly entered into a relationship with an underage girl that was both emotionally and sexually abusive. The girl, whose story DFTBA cofounder Hank Green corroborated, revealed the abuse in a series of text posts on her blog. DFTBA dropped Milsom’s songs from its label following the allegations.


Alex Day

Username: nerimon

Yet another DFTBA artist (#winning) that allegedly coerced women into unwanted sexual relations. While Alex Day has denied any contact with underage women, and maintains that all of his partners technically consented to sex, he makes the list because he stated that he “created situations that put people under enormous pressure” to have sex him. However, he claims to have realized the error of his ways and voluntarily asked for DFTBA take down his merchandise, stating “The model of consent that I followed, not that I specifically thought about it at the time, was that only, ‘no’ meant, ‘no’. That is not what consent is.”


Ed “Eddplant” Blann

Username: eddplant

Mr. Eddplant admitted to allegations of sexual and emotional abuse of a fan on his blog, stating: “Over the following eight months we engaged in sexual activity on a number of occasions, the last of which was the result of me pressuring her after I had been repeatedly told to stop. Over the course of those eight months I treated her appallingly, manipulated her, and behaved in an extremely misogynistic way towards her.” Guess which label he was on? Here’s a hint…it starts with “Don’t” but apparently no one on it knows what “Don’t” means.



If you find yourself sympathizing with any of the YouTube “stars” listed above, you might need the concept of consent re-explained. Stay informed and check out VitaminW‘s handy dandy infographic to make sure you’re having consensual sex with your partner(s). Nothing is quite as sexy in the bedroom as an emphatic “Yes, yes, yesssssss!”


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