Hedge-Fund Investor Live-Tweets Worst Tinder Date Ever

Couple on a bad dinner date

Are you vigorously  right-swiping on Tinder on a Saturday night? Or maybe you’re on a date with a stranger who was previously located 5 miles away and now you’re sitting at an overpriced taco joint as they drone on about how awful their last three Tinder dates were. Before you start on the road of self-pity, just be glad you’re not sharing a plate of carne asada fries with this guy.

Carrie Mantha, physician/ hedge-fund investor/ entrepreneur, live-tweeted a conversation between two people who met on Tinder. While enjoying her meal at a Manhattan bar, Mantha shared the cringe-worthy story with the internet. FYI: It gets painfully awkward real quick.

Worst Tinder Date Ever

So it begins…

…with arguably the best opener ever.


It gets even better.




Love a S/O with priorities.





Good job, buddy, you’ve disqualified 80 percent of the female population.


I’m SERIOUS, guys.


At least he’s efficient with his time.



Then they get on the topic of politics and everything is over.


Nailed it.

Game over.


We don’t blame you if you feel like taking a hot shower after reading this. For the full story, head over to Mantha’s Twitter feed here.

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