This is the World’s First Gender-Neutral Sex Toy


To the unaware, it looks like an unfinished jump rope. Then, you read the copy: “It’s a double-ended vibrator.”

Fashioned by PicoBong, purveyors of sex toys, the “Transformer” wants to start a “revolution” from your bed by breaking down your inhibitions of what can and can’t be. Two vibrating tips are connected by a bendable silicone cord that measures 60 cm long all together and can be manipulated into almost any position. This means that the Transformer isn’t marketed towards a specific gender or sexual preference. Instead, it’s open for interpretation.

Claiming to offer “millions of sex toys in one,” the waterproof toy can be molded into a clitoris stimulater, a prostate massager, a cock -ring, or what have you. There’s a also a commercial demonstrating possible uses, just be ready for the generous use of dubstep and flashing lights:

“There are toys for singles, for couples, for men and for women, but never before has anyone created a toy for everyone. The TRANSFORMER™ aims to awaken sexual exploration and make people realize they don’t need to be confined by the labels placed on them,” Mauricio Garcia, PicoBong’s Head of Marketing, touted in a press release.

The multi-use toy will run you $129 and has a USB-rechargeable design for pleasure on the go.

And in case you thought these were “a bunch of creepy old guys sitting in a dimly lit basement with T-shirts full of Cheeto dust” brainstorming ideas for how to advertise trendy didos, fear not. The company assures you that they “work from nine really big, shiny international offices full of super-talented, worldly young minds from all corners of the globe.” Phew.