Woman Walks Around NYC for 10 Hours, Records Everything

Woman Walks Around NYC Recording

Shoshana Roberts took a 10 hour stroll along the streets of New York City. Wearing jeans and a simple crewneck shirt, a hidden camera recorded¬†more than 100 instances of “countless winks, whistles, etc.”

The video is a collab between Hollaback, an organization dead set on fighting street harassment, and creative director Rob Bliss. Roberts, who remains silent throughout the entire experiment, records audio via hidden microphones and garners everything from ”¬†“Hey baby” to “Somebody’s acknowledging you for being beautiful. You should say thank you more!”

While most comments on the YouTube video note the lack of severity of the catcalls, it’s a hard thing to understand if you’ve never been a chick walking along a street alone. Most women are familiar with how quickly “Hey beautiful” can turn into “Think you’re too good for me? You bitch!”

Either way, I can almost guarantee that telling a pretty girl to “smile more” never works.