Woman Hospitalized After Birth Control (A Potato) Sprouts Inside Her

Birth Control Potato

Birth Control Potato

Because mother doesn’t always know¬†best.

A 22-year-old Colombian woman stuffed a potato inside her after her mother told her the alternative contraceptive could prevent pregnancy.

“My mum told me that if I didn’t want to get pregnant, I should put a potato up there, and I believed her,” the patient stated, reports¬†Colombia Reports.

Two weeks after inserting the starchy vegetable, the woman began experiencing discomfort — the potato had germinated and roots began to sprout inside her. Luckily, the offending plant was removed without any surgery.

Unfortunately, as Columbia Reports points out, that fact that a young woman believed a potato was a suitable form of contraception indicates a lack of sex education for both young men and women in Colombia.

Bottomline: Don’t try this at home kids.

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