Why Anal Sex is Overrated

You and your boyfriend have been dating for several months now and it’s been going pretty well. You’ve been having sex regularly and having a fun time figuring out your favorite positions. Then, one day the topic of anal gets casually set on the table.

Before you set on exploring the backdoor, consider the following:

1. Your anus was not made to fit a 2-inch wide hard object

Whether you’re gay or straight, anal sex is painful for the sexual partner in the receiving position. It also feels good, yes, especially for the top, but there is no way to have painless anal sex. Your anus is not meant to be penetrated by a hard object 2 inches in diameter.

2. If you’re going to do butt sex right, it won’t be spontaneous

You can’t have successful, spontaneous anal sex. Anal requires extensive preparation in order to be done safely and hygienically. Before you have anal sex, your anus must be completely clean and you must of had a bowel movement that day.

Nothing is more embarrassing than leaving a piece of shit on a condom.

Cleaning out your anus properly, in the shower or with a douche or enema takes a lot of time. It is also impossible for a person to have comfortable anal sex for the first time without first using a dildo or similar anal toy and being able to fit it in his or her anus. This opens it up enough to successfully fit a hard penis. But even then, an excessive amount of lube is required to actually pull off anal, as the anus does not have the same amount of natural lubrication as the vagina.

Thus, you have to know if you’re going to have anal sex. Trying anal sex for the first time without any preparation slows down the natural momentum of sex and can ruin the moment.

3. The woman rarely gets any pleasure from it

While there are  women who really enjoy anal sex (and straight men), in general, that isn’t the case. The female G spot is in the vagina and the equivalent in male anatomy is the P spot, which is in the prostate, and allows a man to orgasm during anal receptive sex. Yet anal sex among straight couples is mostly for the man, who receives a much greater amount of pleasure from anal sex and feels no pain, while the woman feels a great deal of pain.

4. There’s an increased risk of STDs

Because anal sex is often rougher that vaginal sex, this can lead to anal bleeding or tearing of the anus or rectum, which increases the risk of spreading HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Safe sex is always important, but is especially important for anal, where bodily harm is always a possibility.

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~ Why Anal Sex is Overrated ~

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