Morning After Walk Of Shame Kit Includes Necessities

There are plenty of reasons to need this new “Walk of Shame” morning after kit — which includes, among other things, a dress, toothbrush, sunglasses, and backpack, all tucked within one fits-in-your-purse container. Like, maybe you’re a doomsday prepper. Or maybe you ran out of room without your airplane luggage and need just one last outfit to last you through the week. Or maybe, regardless of your level of sexual security, you simply despise the idea of waking up after a romantic tryst and not being able to *shudder* brush your teeth


Seriously though, this glorified sleepover kit designed by Clubsmerch LLC is an actual thing, meant to provide everything you’ll need to walk home the next morning “with your head held high.” Understandably, several bloggers have raised up their fingers in protest, citing the product’s apparent sexism and anti-feminism.

“[…] I don’t believe in the Walk of Shame,” writes Bustle‘s Lucia Peters, “I prefer to think of it as a Walk of Awesome, because why the hell should we be ashamed for exercising our right to have sex?”

Fair enough. Besides, for $34.99 a pop, you’re really better off bringing your own damn toothbrush.


Morning After Walk Of Shame Kit Includes Necessities.