How a Robot Catfished a Bunch of Tinder Users at SXSW


Scores of hapless Tinder users were left heartbroken when a mysterious woman named Ava turned out to be anything but human.  In a marketing ploy blurring the line between clever and deceitful, the attractive 25-year-old woman turned out to be a fake profile promoting the new sci-fi film Ex Machina.

Of course, the bio link leading to the movie’s website should have been a tip-off that something wasn’t quite right. One duped user named Brock tells Adweek that the bait-and-switch “toyed with my emotions so hard.”

Here is the exchange between him and the existential-talking “Ava”:


Unfortunately, @meetava turned out to be the Ex Machina Instagram account and the woman in the photos is Swedish actress Alicia Vikander starring in the film.

Yikes. A few flirtatious messages, then a revelation that the girl you’re talking to is actually a robot programmed with artificial intelligence? Sounds like 90% of Tinder.