This Woman Makes Gorgeous Dildos Out of Solid Wood

Iris Trstenjak cuts and chisels wood into dildos. Her workshop is a curious room filled with everything you’d find in a wood shed, except with rough, unfinished dildos strewn on every surface. Power tools and pliers hang from the wall. Iris has short, blonde hair that she pins back when she’s at work.

The objects she shapes are something you’d expect to see behind a glass case at an art exhibit. Colors range from cool maple to deep mahogany. She’s named the smallest dildo, 5.5 inches, “Bean,” and her longest, a curvaceous thing at 9.45 inches, “Boa.”

Using wood, oil and wax, Iris makes every dildo by hand, with the help of her boyfriend. So, we asked her a few questions about this small “family business.”


We heard you’re from Slovenia.

I grew a bit in Ptuj, now I’m in Maribor.

How did you get into making wooden dildos?

It happened in the workshop, while creating different objects, I came up with this idea and made one. It looked very beautiful. Of course, I also tried it out and it was very pleasant. Then I made more.

Your first experience using a wooden dildo on yourself?

It brought me to where I am now. It felt different. I didn’t feel like it was a foreign body. I didnt have any hesitations, so i enjoyed it even more.


What does your boyfriend think of your art?

My boyfriend is the workshop manager, so he fully supports me and does all the dirty work. DeeLeeDoo is kind of a familly business, and the dildos are like our babies. We make them with a lot of passion and a lot of love, until we are proud of what they’ve become and they are ready to go.

And the parents?

My parents also support me all the way, they always support all my crazy ideas. I’m really thankful for that. It’s so much easier when the people who you love the most understand and support you.

The difference between one of your wooden dildos and the average dildo on the market today?

The first and the most important thing is the material. Most dildos are from artificial materials in every possible color. Wood is a warm material. The colors are natural. Every dildo is different and the structures can be amazing. I still get to know my own dildo.

The second important thing is the awkwardness, the vulgarity. Most dildos on the market are just like real penises, with all the recognizable parts. We strive to make our dildos a bit more discreet, but still sexy and erotic. We even recommend to not hide the dildo after use, just to clean it, so that someone can just pick it up and take a look at it and admire it. It’s the energy, the curiosity, the beauty. It’s more than just a dildo.


Personal favorite dildo shape?

Every dildo we are selling is my favorite one. I realized that the more simple shapes are more functional, and with a bit of imagination… anyone can find their fit. Although, I can tell you that my favorite wood type is the mutenye.

The day job?

I now and then work as a waitress, but it seems I’m always busier with DeeLeeDoo. I hope that it will become my only job soon. Working on it.

Your recent Indiegogo campaign ended and even though you didn’t reach your goal, will you continue to craft wooden dildos? 

Yes, we will continue to make them and spread the joy. It is our mission.

For now, everything is out of pocket. We reinvest everything what comes in; we still have to better equip the workshop, still need some tools to make the creative process easier.


Are the products available in stores or only online for now?

For now the dildos are available in two stores in Slovenia and online on our web page  and Etsy.

How do you promote Dee Lee Doo?

For now it is only through word of mouth, thanks to happy customers. But yeah, we need to get out there more, seriously.

Feedback from customers?

We haven’t gotten any bad feedback. Whoever gets it, likes it.

Long-term goals for Dee Lee Doo?

We would like to reach an international market. Our goal is to be a recognizable brand for all-natural erotic accessories and to make luxury sex toys. We also have a few more ideas in that direction but at first we’ll take the steps we can step…

We’ve go to ask: has there ever been an accident?

No, I make each and every one, and I know what I am doing.


What do you want your customers to experience when using your wooden dildos?

The DeeLeeDoo dildos are all-natural, perfectly shaped wooden dildos. We strive to make them by hand, so each one is different, they are all unique, environmentally- friendly and a warm material. At the end, we want to see them in glass cabinets and not hidden. Like I said before, with a bit of imagination people can experience the ecstasy, satisfaction, passion, and it [the dildos] will become a thing with a name.

And for all the men worrying: don’t worry, it is not a substitution, we still like yours.


This Woman Makes Gorgeous Dildos Out of Solid Wood

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