There Are Finally Condoms For Your Humongous Penis You Keep Talking About

TheyFit Condoms

Yes, sporting a monster cock isn’t the most immediate of world issues we need to solve, but it does come with a (short) list of problems: Despite popular belief, not all ladies are keen on 10-inch dicks; a lengthy penis skims toilet water when you sit down to take a shit; last but not least, they don’t actually sell US condoms past 6.28 inches.

TheyFit Condoms

“You can’t perform when your chicken is choking,” one man commented when discussing your standard drugstore fare. “They break, which is terrifying, and nearly cut off the circulation.”

Luckily, there’s finally a solution for well-endowed gentlemen who can’t find a condom that fits for the life of them.

UK-based company TheyFit Condoms offers 95 different sizes that includes 12 different widths and 14 lengths to choose from. To find your perfect match, simply find your measurement on the site’s FitKit, which can be printed out.


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Unhappy patrons get all their money back, their customer support guy Thomas Newman tells VICE. Unfortunately, due to FDA regulations here in the states, TheyFit still needs to get approval to sell their XXL sizes in the US.

What’s a well hung guy to do? In the meantime, DIY pig intestine condoms?

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