This OC City is Throwing a Party with Erotic Poetry, Spanking Stalls, and a Sock Fetish Station

some like it hot event

Yes, it’s February — the month that ushers in that red-letter day on the calendar, annotated with an icon of a throbbing muscular organ. (No, not that one.) Hard-pressed for something extra special (wink, wink) to do to pre-game V-Day? We’ve got your asses covered.

Well, if you happen to be in Southern California, that is.

Orange County events

Fullerton (the place that got viral attention for being the most sloshed city in OC) gets its cherry popped with its first ever (public) adult-themed event, taking place in a real life wonderland known as the Violethour Studio. While the other resident artists of the mystical and ever-expanding Magoski Arts Colony are throwing naughty Valentine exhibits, the setting at the Violethour will be markedly more risqué. Entitled “Some Like It…Hot!“, the sex-art party promises to “seduce and tease with erotic poetry readings, titillating games, a spanking stall, a kissing booth, a sock fetish station, and more.” Um, yass.

For those who religiously gram, you’ll have an opportunity to jump into bed and under the covers for a photo op. Costumes are strongly encouraged — think Lucent Dossier meets Burning Man meets Spanky’s — with prizes being awarded to the best in show.

This better-than-your-overpriced-prix-fixe-meal-for-two event is also a fundraiser for the Magoski Arts Colony. While the monthly Fullerton Art Walk is typically free of charge, a paltry $5 gets you exclusive access to this adult playground where, participant or voyeur, it’s definitely a way to rev up for the 14th.

Find out how to attend here.