The Smart Bra that Only Unhooks for True Love

Are you tired of your bra unhooking for reasons other than true love’s embrace? Are you eternally frustrated by the purely functional role your bra plays in your life? Do you wish your bra had a sensor that could understand the difference between uncomfortable sexual advances, momentary lustiness, and true love?

Japanese lingerie company Ravijour attempts to solve these non-issues for you. Their new technologically-enhanced bra, the “True Love Tester,” claims to detect heart rate patterns that indicate true love through a sensor connected to a smartphone.

The commercial for the bra markets it as an invention to ward off unwanted sexual advances. Several women attempt to dodge caricatured men in a club, who try and fail to unclasp the impenetrable bra. One man — The Flashy Guy — tries to throw money at the clasp of the bra, while the woman swats away his hand. A selection of “scientists,” “experts,” and “engineers” talk about the science behind the bra. The commercial ends with a slow-motion clip of a woman in bed with her presumed true love, with the bra splaying open like a bat opening its wings and taking flight.

The “True Love Tester” is not the first undergarment designed to ward off sexual predators. Last fall, a group of entrepreneurs launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund their line of anti-rape wear, a collection of modern and stylish chastity belts, while anti-rape condoms and vaginal inserts have been around for years.

Problematic assumptions color devices like the “True Love Tester” and other anti-rape inventions; all of these devices bolster the idea that it’s a sexual assault victim’s responsibility to protect themselves from being assaulted, rather than a perpetrator’s responsibility to, you know, not sexually assault someone.

Problematic assumptions aside, I’d be most concerned about the “True Love Tester” unclasping at inappropriate times. For example, I love French fries with the same veracity that I love my boyfriend of four years. Would I have to worry about my bra unclasping every time I sat down to eat French fries? That’s a burden I am not willing to shoulder.


~ The Smart Bra that Only Unhooks for True Love ~

Courtney Hamilton

An avid writer, reader, feminist and french fry fanatic.