You Rent a Rebound So You Can Make Your Ex Jealous

According to Metro UK, Rent a Rebound at will create the perfect virtual lover to revert your ex back to fiending for that ol’ thang. For $500, creators Stephen Pavlovich and Richard Kershaw will pair you with your choice of model, astronaut, or even Danish royalty! Nothing boils the blood of an ex more than knowing you’ve upgraded.

With the Rent a Rebound package, a team of avengers will update your Facebook status by checking into the most exclusive restaurants with your new boo. They’ll upload superimposed images of you and “your partner” intensely gawking at each other and tenderly embracing to your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Public conversations between “friends” and “co-workers” about the latest endeavors from your model-turned-clothing designer boyfriend will highlight the characteristics your ex-lover lacked.


Even exchange “I love you’s,” “No, I love you more’s” with your fictional new flame on Twitter. If your ex still hasn’t grasped how amazing your new relationship is, share the “f– you, my life is better without you” Spotify playlist created for you and your Candice Swanepoel-inspired lover.

Creator Pavlovich says, “The psychology behind it is that you want what you can’t have and you want what other people have. The two paired together gets a reaction. Clients see it as fun rather than malicious.”

Dr. Pam Spurr, a psychologist and author of Sex Academy, expresses doubts to Metro UK: “It’s unlikely the heartbroken will get much from the service because usually they have more on their minds…”

Dr. Spurr continues, “It also smacks of an obsessive side to their nature that won’t help them recover from a break-up. They’ll be stuck in a cycle, trying anything and everything to get their ex back instead of moving on.”

Despite Spurr’s analysis, Pavlovich and Kershaw have already started cashing in on the ego-bruised heartbroken. They’ve already gathered numerous clients despite the starting of the company this month.

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