10 Pornstars Reveal Their #WCW and #MCM

Pornstars Tell Celebrity Crush

Adult Empire asked some of porn’s top stars what celebs catch their eyes. The answers range from matinee idols to pop stars to late-night talk show hosts . . . and watch out for Marky Mark, who has definitely left his mark in the fantasy life of several pornstars!

Also, in case you needed reminded, you can safely assume that all links in this article are not NSFW.

Jillian Janson

Beyoncé. I look up to her in lots of way. I hope to some day make my career like hers, but in the porn sense. She represents a lot of sexy class. She’s my idol in a lot of ways.

Kendra Lust

I think Channing Tatum is very, very sexy, and I like Mark Wahlberg. I wish he was a little bit taller, [but] that’s okay.

Penny Pax

I’ve always had a soft spot for Keanu Reeves. He was definitely super cute back in Bill & Ted, but I loved the Matrix Keanu, Constantine – he’s just a good-looking dude. And he plays in a band, so there’s always that musician thing!

Nikita Von James

The Rock. He’s hilarious, he’s funny, he’s always in comedies playing with kids, but he’s such a big boy. He’s very virile. And Vin Diesel!

Aaliyah Love

Mark Walhberg. I think he’s the most handsome man to ever exist.

Jacky St. James

Timothy Olyphant. That man could look at me and I would have an orgasm. There’s just something really inherently sexy and kind of blue collar about him, but he’s extremely intelligent. He just kind of is the complete package all in one. And he’s got a great smile! And he’s a great kisser – I only know this from watching him kiss women in movies!

Karla Lane

Liam Neeson. I love his poise – especially after his wife passed away, how he handled everything. That’s very sexy to me. He’s just a very sexy man to me – I have a thing for older guys, too.

Cindy Starfall

I like Brad Pitt and George Clooney. I love older American men when they have that George Clooney “pepperish” hair. I like that. Brad Pitt’s too hairy now, but maybe when he was in Ocean’s Twelve.

Allison Moore

Alexander Skarsgard. He is fucking hot and I would love to just spend a 24-hour period with him, because an evening would just not be enough.

Karen Fisher

It’s crazy! Everybody laughs at me, but I really like Conan O’Brien. I think he’s so funny. He seems like he’d be really cool to hang out with. I know he’s not super hot, but he seems like he’d be a fun person to be around. I’m more of a personality person – obviously you have to be attracted to the person, but I would rather spend time with someone who has a really amazing personality and average looking than with someone who is really hot with a shitty personality.