PornHub Stimulates Your Workout with ‘BangFit’ App

PornHub, the same folks who transformed masturbation into sustainable energy, released BangFit: an app that fuses sex and fitness.

The game-based program encourages you to get in shape by doing the deed… all from the comfort of your bed.


How It Works:

Head to the Bang.Fit on your desktop and select the number of players (ranging from solo to a ménage à trois). After that, there will be a few easy directions to sync your smartphone with your PC. This lets the app record your movements as you follow each “sexercise” along with the avatar on the screen. Kind of like the Wii for shagging.

If you want to track calories burned, attach the phone somewhere on your body. PornHub recommends ordering their BangFit Band — that curiously looks like a cellphone glued to a fanny pack — to hold your device, but they’ve sold out. pornhub

According to the site, you’ll have the option of sweating it out with routines that combine “the cardio of zumba, the intensity of crossfit, and the flexibility of yoga (mixed with your favorite sport).”

You can earn points based on how well you mimic the avatar’s motions and even have the option of posting your results on social media with praises like “You’re the gymnastiest.”

While PornHub’s new app seems to only cater to heterosexual users at the moment, the company promised that all sexual preferences “will be available soon.”