21 People in Relationships Reveal How Many Times They Have Sex a Week

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How many times do you and your partner have a solid romp sesh per week? Twice a week? Several times a day? Not enough?

The question was posed to redditors in relationships and the answers poured. While the numbers varied from every individual, the reasons and stories behind the answers ranged from the sad and lost to the strange and wonderful.

21 People in Relationships Reveal How Many Times They Have Sex a Week



Been married 14 years, dated 5 years before that. We have sex about every 3rd week, so about .333 times a week. I’d have it every day, if she let me.

I don’t even bother trying much anymore, there is only so many times I can hear no. It makes me very depressed.


Can’t be measured

After almost 20 years together, the frequency is certainly less, both because of loss of libido and decline of physical stamina, but the quality gets better and better every time, if that makes sense. For us, it really can’t even be measured in weeks anymore, although much of that is due to an actual physical disability.

Just holding hands, squeezing a butt cheek, or a surprise kiss on the back of the neck is just as blissful as a hard-core sweaty romp in the hay.

Every Day

23, been in relationship for 18 months. We have sex once a day, usually around bed time. Sometimes if we’re together all day (like on a weekend) it could be twice. She loves it, maybe more than I do



Times per week is about .125. She doesn’t give a shit and I’m miserable. Isn’t love and marriage grand?

3 – 4

Usually 3 or 4 times a week. We live together and I’d probably prefer closer to 5, while she’d be happy with 1 or 2. We strike a pretty good balance.


0.25 times/week or about once a month. We have and continue to talk about it and the underlying issues. While we can’t agree on a solution, we can agree that neither of us is happy about it. She’s not happy that it makes me depressed, I’m not happy because maintaining an emotional connection with little physical connection is very very tough.

3 – 5

1.5 years. Probably about 3-5. Depends on the mood. And then I call my period blowjob week.

4 – 5

We have sex 4-5 times a week. Been married 10 years and has been consistently around that amount since we’ve been married.

We both feel REALLY good about it.

Sometimes there’s months without it

I prefer sex at bed time and he prefers it in the morning. Sometimes we compromise and do it during the day, but we can go months without. I’m normally the one complaining. We have a really stable relationship though.

10 – 15

University. Girlfriend of almost a year.

10-15 times a week.

 7- 8

New relationship here (about a month). Probably 7-8 times a week. Still in dat honeymoon phase, tho.


4 – 9

Depending on how busy we are, usually 4-9 times a week.

We both love each other, and the sex is pretty great. It’s emotionally close, warm, fun, and kinky enough to keep it interesting.

I enjoy our sex a lot, but her sex drive/appetite is higher than mine, and she’ll occasionally have to go to bed hot-and-bothered because I’m too tired, not in the mood, or unable to perform because of poorly-timed masturbation.

Depends, because Shark Week

Married 11 years. Sex is 2+ times a week (more depending on mood). The only times without are shark week and for about a year after the birth of our son, lady parts took some time to recover.

6 – 8

My SO works nights while I work early morning. He’s usually getting home as I’m getting up for work. So we take whatever opportunities we can get, which is usually around 6-8 times a week.

 Once a fiscal quarter

Married 3 years so average about once a fiscal quarter.

 1 – 2

Once or twice per week, married 20+ years.


Recently divorced. Didn’t have sex once during the last five years of the marriage. It did a number on me being rejected every time I asked. It was to the point that I didn’t even know why I was bothering asking because I knew the answer was going to be no, but I would ask anyway because I had to give it a shot.

Before the five-year dry stretch, I was lucky to get it once a month.

Depends on the week

It depends on what week. sometimes every night, sometimes once a week. It all depends on the circumstances of the week really, it’s not like we make a schedule.


2 – 8, counting “asleep sex”

We have awake sex a couple times a week regularly, but we also have basically asleep sex 2-3 times a week as well.

I’ll be reading while he’s asleep and then he just rolls over and rawr! Then he goes back to sleep and doesn’t usually remember.

So the answer is between 2-8 times a week depending on how you count it. We are going on three years together.

2 – 3

Now probably about 2-3 times a week. When it was long distance we probably averaged about 2-3 times a week, but we saw each other about once a month.

The transition has been kind of interesting going from 6-9 times in a weekend to only to 2-3 times week. Being sex starved for a couple of weeks meant that are clothes typically came off in about 5 minutes of seeing each other. Any time we were together alone are attention was focused on the other person and that usually lead to a sexy escapades. Now people say you can’t have too much sex, but I believe we were putting our genitals through quite the endurance test and at the end of the weekend we were very sore, but both thought it was worth it.

When we moved in together things changed. If we were constantly having sex we wouldn’t have time for anything including friends and hobbies. Sex has to be a little more planned in some regards or else we would be two horny ships passing in the night. We found that we like to have sex earlier in the evening instead of after we have wound down and we need to sleep for work. We make a point to stay in some weekend nights to have a nice meal and get slutty drunk. We also allow for some spontaneity as well. There have been many a time where a small kiss on the cheek has turned into a nice romp. She seems to be pretty in tune with what makes me tick and vice versa. Overall I believe we both would like a little more sex because it is fun, but we are satisfied with the amount we are having.

The relationship is coming up on 3 years with 7 months of living together.


It ebbs and flows

5 years, it ebbs and flows; at its lightest its probably been 2 times a week, heaviest was 3 times every single day (post deployment make up sex!) Currently it is twice a day.

I’m almost 30(f) and my libido has been steadily climbing over the last couple of years to a now-fever-pitched height. His is starting to slow down so he lets me have some fun on the side, which has a mutually beneficial effect on his desire for sex so I WIN!