Ordering The Same Food As Your Tinder Date Could Make Them Like You More

Red Raspberry Bun Burger

Looking for the easiest way to get someone to swipe right IRL? A new study revealed that ordering the same food as your date could make you like them more.

Behavioral psychologists at the University of Chicago found that people feel “closer to and more trusting of those who consume as they do.” Published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, a group of strangers were given similar foods to eat, while another group ate dissimilar food. Afterwards, participants were given a series of tasks created to gauge trust.

Data revealed that food choice “influences conflict resolution, with strangers who are assigned to eat similar foods cooperating more in a labor negotiation, and therefore earning more money.”

And while “similarity in food consumption is not indicative of whether two people will get along or whether someone is trustworthy,” food was “especially beneficial for new relationships where people have limited information about the other person and are forming first impressions.”

So, while ordering the same mozz stick-stuffed burger as your date doesn’t make you soulmates, it will help out your chances. As long as they’re not ordering the gluten-free kale salad, there’s not much harm in saying “I’ll have what they’re having.”