OKComrade, Revolutionary Dating for Communists

For years, lovebirds in the political left have suffered under the bourgeois dating scene, having to sift through pages of republicans and capitalists and college freshman just to cop a feel. Now, a new online dating service wants to spark a revolution, by offering a place for communists, socialists, and all other like-minded revolutionaries to find *TRUE LOVE.*

Since it opened on May 4th, the OKComrade Facebook has already attracted nearly 6,000 unique likes. Its profile picture depicts a hammer and heart-shaped sickle above the tagline “More than comrades.” (D’awww.) Users, fittingly, decide for themselves what to post, creating a kind of amorphous anti-system that makes it a little difficult to sort the bros with Che Guevara shirts from the true red commies.

“No Sexism, no racism, no heterosexism, or transphobia,” read the rules — a noble effort, so long as you’re willing to sort out all the self-righteous, or, possibly sarcastic, bullshit:

My name is Evgeny Alekseyevich Magpiyski,” writes user Egveny Soroka, “I come from the Motherland. I abide in the land of capitalist piglets. I am good hard worker. Every night I cut beets and turnips and make soup for my fellow comrade.

I am also Engineer, Trust me.

Swipe left, comrades. Swipe far, far left.


~ OKComrade, Revolutionary Dating for Communists ~