NY Bartender Publicly Shames Hedge-Fund Titan She Claims Groped Her


After being groped by a patron, a New York bartender wrote a powerful open letter to the hedge funder who allegedly grabbed her.

While public rants on social media aren’t uncommon, Laura Ramadei’s blunt Facebook post brought an issue that plagues many female servers in the food industry. After ordering a drink at the bar, Ramadei claims that Brian Lederman asked if he could take her “to go” while fondling her ass. When Ramadei made it clear that she wasn’t into his advances, he left, leaving her a $2 tip. Fed up of dealing with sexual harassment while at work, the SoHo bartender took to Facebook to call out the married man.

To date, the post below has been shared over 7000 times:

In response to Ramedei’s letter, Lederman issued a bizarre statement to the NY Post, admitting “I’ve grabbed plenty of girls’ asses in my life,” however, “I’ve never grabbed hers.” He then proceeded to exemplify his outstanding character by saying, “That f–king c–t, for her to do something like that is pretty ridiculous.”

Threats were also made. “I will make sure she doesn’t get another job in New York City. I know everybody,” he spewed. “The bar owners, the club owners — that’s a terrible thing to write about somebody.”

NY Bartender Publicly Shames Hedge-Fund Titan She Claims Groped Her

For those sympathizing with the creepy douchebag, you can send your condolences and flowers to his office Ramedei thoughtfully provides in her post.

  • Fraga123

    Brave and empowering. A woman put her hand on my ass last week and asked if she could “ride my monster truck”. I put that Antsy Annie in her place!

    Keep that cooch to yourself, Lady!

  • duskglow

    Typically, I’d think that kind of response was an overreaction. Typically, I’d think that there were other, more productive ways to deal with this kind of situation than public shaming.

    But. This guy’s probably very wealthy, fairly entitled in his own mind, and this is probably the only way she’s ever going to be on an equal footing with him – or even get the upper hand.

    So, not a typical situation. And his response shows exactly the kind of classy person she’s dealing with here. Good on her, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • What’s wrong with her? He gave her $2 to feel her up! She still has the same butt, and she is $2 richer 😉

  • asdfjklkl

    And another lovely story filled with all the bullet points: Misogyny, Empowerment through “public shaming”, the guy grabbing her ass had to be rich to break her tired camels back (hence “Of course you do”). Another Lifetime classic is just around the corner. The movie would suck if it was just another struggling NYU student, it had to be a 1%.

    Come on all you white knights and SJW’s, tonight we dine in hell!