There is Now a Dating App for Women Who Like to Stroke… Beards


‘Tis the season and no-shave November seems to have inspired the latest dating network for beard lovers.

Bristlr App?

Bristlr, the Tinder for bearded men and those who’d like to “stroke” them, has just one question for members: Do you have a beard?  You can specify in your profile if you’re someone who sports a beard or who’s interested in meeting someone who does. From there, you’re able to search for you local beard-mate, meet up for tea, engage in a beard version of an Eskimo kiss, what have you. There’s also the option to rate how well a date’s scruff compares to the rest. Like Tinder, if two people match (or “heart”), they’re able to send each other messages filled with sultry beard lust.

Bristlr Beta App

The new app is still in it’s beta mode and we’re debating on whether this is a super troll or not. We hope it’s the latter, because the world needs something that brings beard lovers and the well-endowed together. Bristlr invites all genders and sexual orientations to join. So have at it.

As for the man behind it all? He’s a bearded British fellow, of course. John Kershaw, 27-year old Manchester resident and software developer, saw the need for an app that connected people with very specific needs and wants. A perusal of the bearded potentials on Bristlr shows an impressive range of moderate to serious facial hair, with the occasional lady here and there. Just like real life.