Porn Stars Inaugurate World’s Tallest Lube Slide

Over 100 gallons of lube and a giant slip ‘n slide? It’s either how your local frat house ended up in the hospital or its Pornhub’s promo vid for their new line of personal lubricants. The video features porn stars Alix Lynx, Cherie Deville, Peta Jensen, Abigail Mac, Raven Bay, Rachel Roxxx, Alexis Fawx, Alex Grey and Blake Eden slathering themselves up with bottles of lube and diving down the whopping 55 foot tall and 150 feet long slide. As their slick bodies catapult into the air, you might be tempted to try out their new product at home, which is exactly what Pornhub wants you to do, with a bottle of tissues nearby.

Pornhub’s new lube products each have a different angle: there’s water-based Luvrub for couples, Hotrub for warming massage, and silicon based Premiumrub, intended for anal sex and shower sex. Yet the product most true to Pornhub’s brand is Pornrub, a water-based lube designed for masturbation. As Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub puts it in a press release:

The launch of our lubricants line is a big but rational move for us. At Pornhub, we’re all about the user experience. Until now, we’ve been laser-focused on delivering that through best-in-class content. With the launch of our lubricants line, we are further enhancing that experience through product – and bridging the online and at-home Pornhub experience. For those sick of using lotions, we’ve got the potions – and we’re greased up about the launch.

Greased up indeed. There’s something refreshingly sex-positive about a lube specifically designed just for you to get down with your bad self. And Pornhub is certainly honest about both their products and consumer base––after all, this is the company that brought us both the Twerking Butt Sex Toy (only $899.00!) and a failed attempt to send a man and woman into space just to bone. Perhaps we can expect Pornhub brand tissues or tube socks to enter the market next.

Given that the ratio of men to women watching porn online is still heavily skewed towards the male gender, a whopping 76% of visitors to porn sites worldwide, it follows that the majority of Pornrub purchasers will be male. Potential purchasers of Pornrub who may feel hesitant about their partner discovering the bottle of “me-time” sauce have no reason for concern.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine analyzed data from the 2012 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, which indicated that 70 percent of men surveyed had used lube previously, and that men in relationships were more likely to use it than single men, citing the following reasons: “to make sex more comfortable,” “for fun, ” “curiosity,” and “my partner wanted to.”

PornHub claims this is the world’s biggest lube slide and seeing as the competition’s slim, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Cristiana Wilcoxon

A writer and photographer based in Orange County. My patronus is a burger.