An Interview with the Drake of Porn


Nobody likes to disappoint.

The Las Vegas skyline looked imperfect in the late afternoon. Hollow bulbs of neon lights simmered in the setting sun. An orange glow drifted over the faded paint of casinos.

10 floors below the quiet hotel room at the Hard Rock, photographers were fighting for real estate on the red carpet. That night was the 2015 AVN Awards, an event lovingly dubbed “The Oscars of Porn.”

Inside the room, a redhead propped on a high-back chair wore glittering black pasties and sipped champagne as a large woman hovered above her with a tube of lipstick. Ophelia Marcus, or LittleRedBunny, was a nominee for two awards at that night — Best Solo Girl Website and Favorite Webcam Girl.

In the press, she’d been painted as the “Queen of Cam Girls.” In 2013, Ophelia swooped up Best Webcam Girl at the Sex Awards, following that up with the 2014 AVN for Favorite Webcam Girl — the year that category debuted. Slinging her own brand of virtual burlesque peep shows (at about 5 bucks a minute) and a dose of bedroom ingenuity, LittleRedBunny paved the way for the industry’s acknowledgement of independent webcammers.

Champagne glass held like a cup of tea, pinky out, Ophelia repeated in a distinct European accent I just don’t want to disappoint my fans.

Another sip of Moët and we tucked in.


Photos by Phillip Reardon at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Where are you from originally?

New York.

And the accent?

I bought it on ebay.

Fair enough. How did you get your start as a webcam girl?

I was just trying to find a way to work from home. So I was checking around and there was a girl who was sitting on a desk at a computer and people were chatting. I thought, “This is not live.” It was a Jasmin site, actually. Don’t ask me what I was doing, why I had that pop up.

So it kept going in my head, “Should I try that? I don’t know.” I decided to try it out. I had a crappy laptop, a crappy cam. It was all lowkey, my internet was not top notch. I put it in the living room. I brought out a tall lamp with a shade on top. The rest was pitch dark. I wasn’t showing my face for weeks except for my lips. I was so shy. I was not talking, just typing.

That’s unexpected, especially since webcamming is so public.

Eventually, I had the audio on so at least I could have music. I would talk but just in private, one-on-one. People would come private just to hear my voice. More and more, I became comfortable. I started moving around. I changed into a bigger room so I could have a real bed and my show became very physical.

I just dived in without looking at what other people were doing.


LittleRedBunny getting ready for the 2015 AVN Awards

Freshman year lessons:

The first year was 2009 when I started. I had two toys and now I don’t know how many. I learned everything from scratch. I learned everything on my own. I never did porn or stripping. All the terminologies, I was not familiar with anything. So I looked like a total “huh?”

It’s international. You get to meet so many people on a personal level. A lot of people talk to me. So it made me see a lot of different perspectives, how people live socially and psychologically. l learned like crazy. I really matured in the years and it changed my understanding of others and changed the way I act with people in my real life too.

How so?

I’m thankful. The people I meet are so generous in the fact that they trust me and open up to me. It’s huge. It’s really a privilege. The person has to feel comfortable with you to share their personal life, trouble at work or family concerns or even insecurities with certain a fetish they have or past experiences.

You can always be more judgemental when you don’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes. My whole goal, even with fantasy, is to understand why he likes that, what’s the turn on. I try to put myself in his head. While I explore that fantasy, which was new to me, I tried to see it from his side so you could actually be creative with it.

That doesn’t just apply to fantasies, that applies to anything.


Pinkies out, girl scouts

What toys do you keep in your boudoir?

Oh all shapes, colors and flavors! Kidding. I have two baskets, one for each, you know. I have glass toys which I like and have dildos, beads, geisha balls, plugs, and every hybrid. Some toys vibrate too.

As a well-known squirter, how often are you able to orgasm a day?

As often as I am having a good time. I always have a good time! Seriously, it is very hard to count that.

Do you have a favorite fetish you like to perform?

I don’t really have a favorite. What I actually enjoy is the wide range of varieties I can get in a single night, and I find them all very stimulating.

Has there ever been a request you declined?

Not really. If there is something I cannot do exactly as requested, I offer a compromise or an alternative that I think the person might enjoy, and it usually leaves the person satisfied.

Back to when you were first starting, do you think being out of the loop helped you create such a recognizable brand?

I think so. Now I hear people trying to see what sucessful girls do and get inspired from that. I didn’t have inspiration from anybody. It took me three years before I started looking at other girls. I had no clue what other people were doing online.

Why do you gravitate towards a burlesque style?

I have a background in ballet and yoga, I put music I liked and brought furniture hanging in my apartment. It’s really how I am. My whole apartment, I only have dim light everywhere. I just like things comfy, cozy and intimate.

The music inspires me to move in a sensual way. I find it sexy, personally.


Wardrobe crew helping LittleRedBunny into her “unwearing” gown

Who gets overplayed on your  iTunes?

I have tons of Elvis fans and with Elvis, I go with Sun Sessions. Once in a while I’ll put some blues in there because I like very old blues.

My crowd is between twenty-two to sixty something.

There’s a smell…

I think it’s coming from the people next door.

Is it? They’re having fun. Oh, yah, they smoke pot next door. I was outside [on the balcony] and was like “Whew, pot. Big time.”

Did you say hello?


Next time… Have you thought about trying hardcore porn?

With you? You are so pretty! Kidding, honestly, not really. I love what I do because there is much more than just the sexual part. That part I only do in private chat, one on one. It is still quite personal, more intimate, and there is a whole social dimension of interaction when working online, as well as the entertainment part in the free chat.

What’s it like to work with Jasmin, the internet’s most notorious pop-up site?

There’s a reason I’ve been with them for five and a half years. I was actually a total failure at other sites. It didn’t work out. Then I realized I was spreading myself thin. There’s certain girls that work on 10 different sites at the same time but these girls are mostly going to type.

I’m super interactive with people. I like to really give myself a hundred percent. I go with quality over quantity. I don’t care who pays less. For anything, you do it because you love it, not for the money. That’s how I do what I do.

Oh my God, I’m having a deja vu!

This, right now?

You were there. I was saying the answer. It was all part of the deja vu. Some people don’t like it, I don’t mind it.

So yah. This year, I’m trying to understand how to manage my online time and all the new stuff I have to do. Articles. Interviews. I now have a website I didn’t have before.


Has social media changed the way you work, compared to your first years webcamming?

I need a 101 class on social media. This something I started last year when I heard I was a nominee for the Sex Awards. I started the summer of 2013. My life is so simple. I sleep. I want to come online, I come online. If I’m too tired, I’ll watch a movie before going to bed. That was it.

Then I started Twitter and you have to put more selfies. I need a selfie stick.

Don’t get a selfie stick.

[Laughs] I have trouble. It was a major step for me to try and get on social media. It really doubled my load of work or my stress level. It’s constant and I always try to keep separate my very private life and my time online. The more you spend time on social media and selfies and this and that, the more it gets in the way and then… well, what time do I have for myself?

Now I’m taking a bath and now I’m going shopping and now I’m eating and now I’m brushing my teeth. Where is that supposed to end?





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