Proof Filming a Hollywood Sex Scene is as Awkward as Watching It

Apparently filming a sex scene entails two minutes of prep and discussion for every 10 seconds of fake sex. At least, that’s what we’ve gleaned from the above video, which shows the making of Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson’s sex scene for the film Stretch.

The film, a comedy-adventure flick about a down-and-out driver, never saw a major release. It became available on iTunes and Amazon Oct. 7.

Proof Filming a Hollywood Sex Scene

In the clip, we see Decker and Wilson giggling awkwardly as she adjusts under him, moving “it.” James Brown plays in the background during filming, naturally. Director Joe Carnahan shouts “Let Big James show you the rhythm, ready and action!”

When they get to it, there’s ten seconds of some fairly convincing kissing and orgasm faces. Wilson quickly shifts out of the scene with a glib “And I’m out.” A set girl comes out to spray Wilson with fake sweat. Carnahan offers a few more porn-set worthy gems like “Great fucking!” and urges Decker to really bore into Wilson’s soul through his eyes, or something.

We’ve heard many actors discuss how awkward it is to film sex scenes, with Michael Fassbender telling Vulture the painstakingly detailed process of determining boundaries, asking “What lines do you have that you don’t want me to cross? Do you mind if I touch your breasts? Do you not want me to do that? Can I kiss your breasts?”

Samuel L. Jackson explained that “People don’t know when they’re looking at the film that there’s 15 guys standing around and a guy with a sandwich who’s shouting, ‘Faster!’”

Well, we know now.

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