Heartbreaking Letter From Ex-Lover Decades Later

I wonder if you think of me and what you’re eating for breakfast.The thoughts are simple. Quiet. I imagine you’re sitting by an open window contemplating what we use to be. Those moments. Quiet. Staring into each other saying nothing as the sun poured through the open blinds.

In reality, maybe you’re laying naked next to someone you do not love or someone you’re deeply in love with. Maybe they’re touching you the way I know you like to be touched. Or in a different way, maybe a better and different way. I’m neither sad or relieved by any this.

I do not know you anymore. I have a memory of what we used to be. Standing in front of each other and wondering if we could ever feel the same again, the summer dying around us and numbness settling in. I remember that.

I remember thinking you were everything and you thought I was everything too. I thought you were the world and nothing else mattered and you thought that too. Maybe that was perfection. What it feels like to be in love.

I can’t remember anymore. Every year and decade that passes I remember you less. I start forgetting what we laughed about the first time we met. The way we’d make each other feel in a room full of people. Your smell. Your sweat.

I’m beginning to forget everything. I’m scared. The idea that true love can be easily forgotten is terrifying.

Written by Anonymous

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Heartbreaking Letter From Ex-Lover Decades Later