Finally, a Dating App for Missed Connections IRL


Elevating the masses from the archaic “missed connections” ads on Craigslist comes Happn, a new dating app set to dethrone the likes of Tinder.

Built by three Frenchmen, the app serves to connect people in ordinary circumstances — coffee shops, bookstores, grocery marts, etc. The cute girl who caught you staring at her from across the restaurant and smiled back? Rather than let the moment slip away and later wonder if you should have made a move, you can now let technology find out if the feeling was mutual.

Like Tinder, Happn does away with lengthy personality questionnaires and condenses the process even further — limiting your pool of potentials to users within a 250 m radius. So great for highly populated cities like Paris and New York, but not so terrific if you’re in the suburbs or country cottage.

On the homepage, you can view all the users you’ve crossed paths with and even find out how many times you’ve just missed each other. Something, that can get a little creepy after awhile, but the “block” option helps prevent unwanted stalkers. Two reciprocated “likes” enables users to start gabbing. Interestingly enough, similar to a Facebook “poke,” the app offers a “charm” button — which you can purchase — that lets people know you’re interested in them, regardless of whether you match likes.


Picthx Happn

So far, Happn has been wildly successful since its launch in France, and when it hit the UK, more than 100,000 hopeful star-crossed lovers signed up within the first five weeks. Now, the new app has entered New York with the tagline “Find the people you’ve crossed paths with.”

After a lengthy conversation with a friend who explained the difficulty of finding love in an age when work and decreasing social outings results in fewer opportunities to find a mate, Happn seems to be the answer for the modern day single. In addition to encouraging real-time connections and spontaneity, the pseudo Craigslist 2.0 offers a more manageable pool of potential lovers than Tinder or Match. Still, you can’t help but wonder if we’re simply replacing a bigger screen to swipe with a smaller one.

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