Fleshlight Creators Releases an iPad Case You Can Hump

Here it is. The opportunity to fuck your iPad. The vagina making experts for Fleshlight came up with this revolutionary sex toy. Attach the iPad case made with a comfortable penis insert and sturdy hand grips, and get thrustin’.

For the future sex toy enthusiasts, the fleshlight is basically a flashlight that simulate a woman’s vagina all the way from the look to the feel. If you want to see what I mean, check it out on Amazon after it asks you if you want to donate to your favorite charity.

Now, the Fleshlight LaunchPAD allows you to attach your vagina flashlight on to your iPad.  The device allows you a more immersive experience, accompanied with whatever you want whether it be your favorite porno or a Skype session. So think first person shooter but with your penis. (That’s kind of a pun, right?)

Fleshlight Creators Releases an iPad Case You Can Hump