This Site Fuses Pornhub with Upworthy Titles. Fapworthy.

The world of journalism clickbait is hardly hush hush. In fact, those formulaic headlines are spectacularly dominating your newsfeed with Upworthy-esque titles like If You Could Save a Baby Seal Every Time You Took A Shit. Would You? Because That’s Now Possible.

Seeing a brilliant opportunity here, Jason Mustian ushered in Fapworthy — a highly NSFW site that brings together Upworthy-style titles with a tasteful selection of PornHub’s best. The tongue-in-cheek captions range from the suspenseful, She Thinks It’s A Normal Bus. Wait Until You See What Kind Of Bus It Really Is to headlines that will leave you an emotional wreck, At 1 Minute I Laughed. At 2 Minutes I Cried. At 2 Minutes 10 Seconds I Ruined A Perfectly Good Pair of Sweatpants.


Created in conjunction with Pornhub, the links will lead you to very real porn hosted on their very NSFW site. Just a reminder since you’ve probably already opened a dozen tabs by now.



Charisma Madarang

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