Virus Killing Condom to Be Sold by Australian Company

How motivated are you to use a condom? What if that condom was a vagina sanitizer? No more awkward questions.

Introducing Vivagel: a lubricant that is designed to fight sexually transmitted diseases. It works as a treatment for bacterial vaginosis and claims to have deactivated 99.9 percent of viruses in laboratory testing including HIV, herpes, and HPV.  The Australian pharmaceutical company, Starpharma, is working on a condom that will be coated with Vivagel and will soon be released under the condom brand, LifeStyles Dual Protect. The product is currently in phase three of  the FDA clinical trials.

LifeStyles Dual Product is pushing the need for developing innovative condoms that encourage the use of protection and, in turn, decrease the spread of STDs. A similar company taking the contraceptive redesign route includes the Galactic Cap — a condom that covers just the tip of the penis and leaves the shaft exposed, increasing the pleasure. Yup. So cute.

Basically, condom designers are looking for ways that promote safer sex by turning to different appeals other than you’ll get pregnant and die. (Mean Girls, again? Yeah, shut up).


~ Virus Killing Condom to Be Sold by Australian Company ~