10 Countries With Most Sex and Longest Stamina. Australia!

With year-round sunshine, an array of accessible outdoor activities, and sonically appealing accents, who wouldn’t want to vacation in Australia? To add to the endless list of Aussie admiration, Australians have the longest sex stamina. According to sex-tracking app Spreadsheets, they have a sex average of 4 minutes and 2 seconds. American men take second place, claiming 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Spreadsheets compiled data from 133 countries with a total of 13,000 users. They narrowed down the data to the 10 most sexually active countries and then collected the countries’ various medians. Although Australians possess the longevity, Americans are practicing their sexual freedoms more. China comes in at number two for the most sexually active country but only exercises 2 minutes and 40 seconds worth of ecstasy.

Italy seems to be stuck in the missionary position exceeding China by a mere 10 seconds. Even though they possess the language of love, the French create only 3 more seconds of pleasure than the Italians.  When planning your next trip, consult the infographic.


~ 10 Countries With Most Sex and Longest Stamina. Australia! ~

Brittany Dunn

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