What Being a Box of Chocolates on Tinder Taught Me About Love

While the rest of you were out with the honey for Valentine’s Day, I was a box of chocolates on Tinder madly swiping away for some sweet, sweet…romance.

Meet Cocoa the Tinderbox of Chocolates, the bisexual cousin of Patty the Tinder Burger.

As I searched to find the answer to life’s most important question — What is love? — I found that not even chocolate can solve everything.

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Love is a pain in the ass, literally





… but it has its tender moments, too.




Of course, like many relationships, love has its fair share of dick pics.




Without trust, you have nothing.



Love is accepting someone at their best and worst.





It’s about taking chances on someone who’s worth it




and avoiding death mid-coitus.



There will always be the haters


Says the chick talking to a box of chocolates.

… but eventually, you’ll find that special someone.




Of course, t’s OK to be alone, too.



Even if that means not showering for 3 days and watching HIMYM reruns.

Well, that was an emotional rollercoaster. I did learn an important lesson though: love is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes you meet a keeper and sometimes you get hairy dick pics.

Stay tuned for more Tinderventures, brought to you by yours truly.

Cristiana Wilcoxon

A writer and photographer based in Orange County. My patronus is a burger.