The Boobie Bounce House for Adults

Boobs are squishy, bouncy and fun and come in all shapes and sizes. Extra huge and extra squishy, the tits in Funland —Pleasures and Perils of the Erotic Playground, a new interactive exhibition at New York’s Museum of Sex — are also here for your jumping pleasure.

Created by London-based conceptual artists Bompas and Parr, “Funland” feats a series of five eroticized “carnival attractions,” including “Jump for Joy,” an inflated titty bounce house. For just over $15, you can jump all over these fake, yet realistically shaped plastic boobs.


Stimulating all five of the audience’s senses and allowing them to release endorphins (like those released during an orgasm), this exhibition encourages viewers to contemplate the sexuality inherent in common carnival attractions, and also includes “Grope Mountain,” a climbing wall covered in plastic blue and red rocks shaped like dicks, asses and other parts, and “The Tunnel of Love,” a mirrored labyrinth that leads visitors on an exciting journey to a G spot, enhanced by a special carnival soundtrack composed by London-based sound designer Dom James and edible sweets provided by the artists themselves.


The artists, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, started Bompas and Parr, a food design studio, in 2007 and have been inventing new ways to experience food and drink ever since, inventing products such as an inhabitable cloud of gin and tonic and a chocolate climbing wall. Their work has been featured at gallery exhibitions all over New York and London.

Like some of the Bompas and Parr’s other creations, “Funland” allows the eager patron to experience the energy and adrenaline of sexuality out in the open, with strangers, and challenges the idea of sex as a private act between two people.

And who could resist a boobie moon bounce?

~ The Boobie Bounce House for Adults ~




Eli Heller

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