What a Penthouse Cover Photoshoot Looks Like from Behind the Scenes

Back in September, we were invited to a photoshoot for Penthouse’s December cover. The magazine, known for it’s envelope-pushing photography and political pieces that piss off the big wigs — yes, some do read it for the articles — goes into it’s 45th anniversary with Misty Stone on the holiday issue.

Penthouse – Behind the Scenes

We drove out to Lobo Castle up in Agoura Hills, a medieval stone mansion hidden in the rolling valleys of Los Angeles county. There we filmed the entire process of setting up a Penthouse cover shoot, capturing Misty prepping in wardrobe to the actual on-set shoot for a photo that would plaster the front of more than 100,000 magazines around the US.

7DEADLY met the all-women team running the show — from the veteran make-up artists to legendary erotic photographer Holly Randall.

Shot by Phil Gorgeous


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