This Sex Toy Vibrates As You Read Erotic Literature

Vibrating Sex Toy

With rich literary sensibilities and famously relaxed attitudes toward sex, it only makes sense that France would be the first home of a literary sex toy.

While literature has been a vehicle for humans to get their rocks off since ancient times, the people behind France-based B.Sensory are the first to introduce synchronized vibration to the erotic reading experience. B.Sensory takes an ergonomic vibrating egg, dubbed “little bird” because it is kind of adorable, and syncs its vibrations to erotic short stories through Bluetooth.

The egg is designed to stimulate the g-spot and clitoris with 10 different vibrations, and can provide 90 minutes straight of discrete vibrations before charging with an USB.

With a shake, caress or heavy breath on your smartphone or tablet, you can trigger vibration patterns designed by the short story’s author. You can stop or replay the vibration pattern to your heart’s (really, your genitals’) content. B.Sensory can be used alone or with your partner, who can be invited to control the vibrations by tapping a button.

Christel Le Coq, B.Sensory’s CEO and founder and owner of the most apt last name ever (Le Coq translates to cock, FYI), explains, “Being a great fan of erotic literature, I had the desire to combine the power of words to the potential of connected devices by creating a new way of reading and having fun alone or in couple.” (Blame the poor grammar on badly-translated English subtitles).

Erotic Sex Toy

French erotic and popular fiction publishers, including La Musardine, J’ai Lu, and Éditions Livrior, have already crafted short stories to pilot the toy, and noted French erotic lit author Françoise Rey sponsors it. Le Coq notes that the relationship with the publishers, as well as independent writers, will be ongoing, leading to a regularly updated library of vibration-accompanied reads.

B.Sensory’s 5-person team just ended a crowdfunding campaign to get the toy into mass production, though it came 40% shy of its €20,000 (about $21,750) goal. In the crowdfunding video, Le Coq assures that pre-orders and donations will still allow them to continue with production.

Don’t worry if your high school French skills are a little rusty: B.Sensory will release short stories in English as well as French. Here’s hoping the vibrations don’t get lost in translation.

Courtney Hamilton

An avid writer, reader, feminist and french fry fanatic.