Apple Trackpad Is Rubbing A Womans Vagina [NSFW]

If you think about it, our relationship with our laptops can be remarkably — even alarmingly — intimate. We take them to work, to school, to the coffeeshop, back to our place. They sit everywhere from our desks to our laps. They even know us biblically from time to time, usually behind locked doors, alongside boxes of tissues and browsers in incognito mode.

The point is: if you’re pretending your relationship with your laptop isn’t in the least bit sexual, you’re either a saint or kidding yourself. So why not embrace the metaphor full-finger, with a trackpad decal that is — not even looks like, blatantly, unabashedly is — a female crotch.


DoubleClit Here is the entirely NSFW Apple laptop trackpad decal that allows you to rub lady parts all day. Designed by feminist designer Eliza Dunway, the photographic stickers come in three versions: the neatly trimmed “Vanessa,” the fuller-bushed “Kiki,” and the far tamer ({i}) emoticon, each available now for only $8 from Dunway’s website,

“We are too often taught to feel grossed out by the sight of a body part that is beautiful and important just as it is…” Dunway writes on the site, “DoubleClit Here seeks to break this stigma by presenting the vagina in a new, hilariously interactive, OMG-inducing way.”

Once applied, all trackpad features function as normal: zooms, swipes, two-fingered scrolls. Just, don’t get carried away, mkay?


Apple Trackpad Is Rubbing A Womans Vagina [NSFW]