Actors Grabbing Their Crotch for Testicular Cancer is the New ALS Challenge

It seems like it was just yesterday when celebrities were pouring buckets of ice water in their noble battle against ALS. Now, looking to for a new marketing platform excuse to grab your junk way to raise awareness against diseases, Hollywood actors are #FeelingNuts in a social media campaign to bring attention to testicular cancer.

Actors Grabbing Their Crotch for Testicular Cancer

The new campaign began by UK brothers Simon and Andrew Salter, the founders of Check One Two, which offers tips on how to check for testicular cancer and steps to take if you have symptoms. In the UK, about 2,000 diagnoses are made a year. In the US, the number varies around 8,000. Testicular cancer is also the most common cancer in males aged 20 – 39 years — the age group this internet trend seems to target.

Luckily, since most guys love grabbing their junk at every opportunity, the challenge is an easy way to get the word out, sans ice cold water and bucket. So far,  Hugh Jackman, Ashton Irwin, and a growing number of other celebs have grabbed their manhood for the cause.