7 Pornstars Describe Their First Time… Ever


Before your “first time,” you probably saw a porno. As you watched the pizza delivery guy and babysitter skillfully maneuver around the living room, you were also probably intimidated—forgetting that despite the actor’s and actress’ (real-life) occupations, they weren’t always professionals.

So, we asked seven porn stars to tell us about how they lost their virginity. From a MySpace rendezvous to a tryst on Barbie bedsheets, their stories range from awkwardly sweet to “Not the best start to my sex life. But, far from the worst.”

Dakota Skye

I would definitely say losing my virginity at a young age could go both ways. Some people could find it sexualized, taboo, or they could find it a little twisted. I happened to meet this guy named Jack on MySpace, back in the day when people used MySpace instead of Facebook.

Anyways, it happened to be the night of Jack’s birthday. At the time Jack was 14, but since we were celebrating, he was turning 15 years old. Jack had a birthday month of March, a month before mine. This means I was only 13-years-old on the edge of turning 14 a month later.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting this to happen—especially with him. I was honestly eager to sleep with him. I knew it was going to happen one way or another. After all the friends left the party, we continued to hang out at his mother’s where his room was the size of a closet. He spent most of his time at his father’s.

I remember slowing making out as he pulled away asking me if “I was sure I was ready.” I eagerly nodded as I felt myself instantly dripping. He pulled out a condom. I helped slip it on as he slowly pushes himself inside of me while I’m on my back. My mind starts racing instantly and I can’t stop the thoughts.. “Am I going to die? Am I bleeding yet?” I looked down at his throbbing cock going in and out of me trying to shut off my mind. “Oh my God—I am definitely bleeding! What if his mother comes in?” I closed my eyes until he finished, trying to not give away the face I was in SO much pain.

After he finished the look of concern was enough, it was safe to say I was bleeding down my leg, all over him, and all over the bedsheets. I was so embarrassed. “Are you okay?” he repeatedly asked me until I found the courage to speak. “Yes, I could just use a wet towel. Uh, you could use a wet towel too,” I replied. As he looked down at his cock he started scuffling around to find one in the tiny room. I began to wipe up the blood and he asked me if I wanted some chocolate milk. I sipped on it and smiled cuddling up to him… To this day, chocolate milk is my go-to thing when I am feeling emotional or in pain! Ha.

Carmen Valentina

I was 16-years-old and was working as a lifeguard over the summer in Las Vegas at a waterpark on the strip. I had a summer crush on a boy who I worked with the year before; we were just friends and never in a relationship. We fooled around all summer, but never actually went all the way. He was the second boy I ever kissed.

Close to the end of summer, we were in his room on his bunk bed. I got tired of waiting, and asked him if he had a condom. He finally got the hint and ran to the bathroom and came back, boner and all. It didn’t hurt at all when we did it. It was amazing. We actually fucked in more than a few positions while listening to the New Found Glory album; that’s when I discovered how awesome doggy style was.

When we finished, we were laying butt-naked on the floor and heard his parents come home.You won’t believe how quick we put our work swimsuits back on. I never regretted my first time, it was perfect for me, and made me realize how amazing sex was.

Cindy Starfall


I was excited to give the best happy ending massage to my client. I wasn’t nervous. I was excited that I finally enjoyed my job.

Jessy Dubai


Naive, enthusiastic, and scared. These were some of the words I could use to describe my fist time, but I also felt so much pleasure that I got addicted sex.

Elektra Rose


The first time I heard what sex was from one of my friends when we were in 6th grade and from that moment on, I wanted to lose my virginity. I would lie in bed at night playing with myself in the dark, long before I knew what porn was.

Well the years passed and I hadn’t even had my first kiss. That didn’t happen ’till my 16th birthday. This boy H. and I went to the park after school on my birthday. We just hung out talking, getting to know each other better; he bought me an iced chai from the local coffee shop. He told me he was no good for me and we spent the next 15 minutes arguing. I was getting ready to leave, I had dance class that day. I picked up my things and as I tried to walk away, he swung me around and kissed me. And I mean he kissed me. I can still feel his tongue in my mouth. I ended up giving him my first blow job too. He told me I was going to hate it but I absolutely loved it, and still do.

Although, the experience probably wasn’t very enjoyable to him… Word of advice to guys out there: never try to finger a girl’s asshole for the first time while she’s giving her first blow job ever. I mean, unless you like the feeling of your dick getting bitten. After that, I wanted to just have sex with him, too, I had done all my other “firsts” with him, so why not have him take my virginity too? Catch: he didn’t want to fuck me because I was a virgin but his friend E. would. Yes, I basically got pimped out to lose my virginity. At that point, I didn’t care. I had four years of desire welling up inside of me ready to finally be released.

So we cut school early one day so no one would notice. I went back to H.’s with his “girlfriend” and the guy I was fucking, E. E. and I fucked on H.’s couch while he and his girlfriend were in the other room. MOST AWKWARD SEX EVER, but I mean what can you expect fucking a guy you don’t know. I think to this day I’ve said maybe five words to him in real life, and that’s being generous.

Brooklyn Chase


I had to sneak out of the house because I was grounded, for the first and only time in my life, for skipping school. Losing my virginity that night was pre-planned, so I had to get out. I climbed out of my bedroom window and a girlfriend picked me up and took me to a small party at the guy’s house. I got very drunk and ended up in the guy’s little sister’s bedroom, losing my virginity on her Barbie bedding. He told me before it happened that he had a huge dick and to be prepared. Fifteen years later, I’d like to see it one more time just to see if it actually is.

Ryan Driller


Should’ve been prom night, but my date crawled into bed with me in only a red thong, and I was an idiot and don’t know how to read women.

Instead, the following Monday I went to another girl’s house I was seeing, after a swim team banquet. I was in my tux with flip flops on and we hung out on the couch for a while, watching cartoons—Johnny Bravo and Power Puff Girls to be exact—while her parents were upstairs. We started making out and getting heavier and heavier. Without any real romance, she finally demanded I put it in her. It took a few tries to line it up, and break it through. So there, on her family couch, while mom, dad and brother “slept” upstairs, I lost my virginity. After fear of being caught in the open, we moved to her bed, where after still fumbling through it for another 45 minutes, she asked, exhausted, “Aren’t you done yet?” I replied, “I don’t know”, and threw in the towel. I couldn’t feel anything with my back issues. While we were having fun, I think after an hour, she was wiped out.

Not the best start to my sex life. But, far from the worst.

Accounts have been condensed and edited for clarity.