12 Bitchin’ Heels Inspired By Ex-Lovers

Sebastian Errazuriz’s breakup-inspired heels are like the final “fuck you” text we all wish we could send.

Displayed last month at a pop-up art show in Miami Beach, Errazuriz’s works marry patent leather and pop art, each design inspired by one of the artist’s ex-girlfriends — a tiny green soldier guards the sole of army brat “G.I. Jane Barbara”; a gilded Atlas carries the entire weight of “Gold-Digger Alison.”

Each piece also comes with a surprisingly nostalgic (albeit) NSFW description. (“The Colonel had a strict ‘no boys in the house policy. BARBARA always found ways around it: ‘i’m not wearing anything underneath’ she whispered getting into my car;”.)

Basically, hell in high heels.

Check out all 12 here.

12 Bitchin’ Heels Inspired By Ex-Lovers.