There is $10,000 Hiding in 200 Fleshlights Around LA

Money in Fleshlights

There is currently $10,000 stuffed inside fake vaginas hidden all around Los Angeles. Fleshlight, the company that makes said rubber vaginas, approached the sex-positive gents behind Simple Pickup — the YouTube channel that delivers such winners as “Motorboating Girls for Breast Cancer Awareness” — with a simple request: make a promo video for $10,000.

There is Money in Fleshlights, Literally.

Feeling generous, the guys known for helping average men sleep with women using pervo clever tactics decided to give back to the Southern California community. Rather than creating their typical “How to Hook Up with Coworkers” gem, however, the boys put that money towards buying 200 Fleshlights, filling them with money, and hiding them in spots all around Los Angeles. Think a NSFW scavenger hunt.
Clues to where to find the money-stuffed Fleshlights will be released via Facebook and Twitter, the first clue already released on both social media platforms, with the actual locations revealed on October 25.

For those of you interested in venturing on this harrowing journey, a few tips:

  • This is probably a hoax. Just a heads up before you start asking strangers if they’ve seen a rubber vagina anywhere.
  • A Fleshlight looks like a large flashlight with a pink vagina where the bulb should be. You’ll probably have to reach deep inside to grab your hard earned cash.
  • Speaking of sticking your hands into foreign places… don’t be surprised if it isn’t just money you find in there. Just a friendly warning.