Watch ‘Hello,’ Adele’s First Music Video in 3 Years

BRB, we’re bawling our eye out thanks to Adele’s new music video, “Hello,” a sepia-drenched ballad mourning lost love.

The new song is the first to be released since the artist’s 3 year hiatus and, man, does she know how to make a comeback entrance. The single is a raw ballad that flexes Adele’s powerful vocals and the theme is very reminiscent of her 2011 album 21. Yet rather than a song sung from the trenches of heartbreak, as so many of her hits have been, “Hello” is written from a distance — like a lover checking in and tentatively poking at the past.

The film is directed by Xavier Dolan, who creates a haunting clip tinted like an old photograph, while still offering a tenderness by way of select flashbacks. “Hello” arrived just days after Adele fittingly announced that her third album, 25, will be released on November 20. “I’m sorry it took so long,” she tweeted, “but you know, life happened.”

Welcome back, Adele.