Saint Motel Is Snarky And We Dig It

Saint Motel

Saint Motel

Fresh from SXSW and stopping by the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, Saint Motel sits down with JLM to chat about blacking out, playing in Jim Morrison’s old apartment and common decency.

Main mode of transportation on tour? 

AJ (vocals & guitar): We have a sweet 1989 GMC Vandura, we can show you after if you want. That’s what we cruise around the world in.

Greg (drums): We call it the bus. We look like a family going on ski vacation.

Does being on the road get better each time around?

AJ: Everytime we do we get more acclimated for a mobile life and then it takes awhile to stop moving when you’re done. Then sometimes we just black out and wake up in different cities just to get that feeling back. “How did I get here? Oh right…I blacked out again.”

Aaron (lead guitar): When you come home there’s always this culture shock.

Greg: You wake up and your not sleeping next to Dak [bass] haha.

AJ: All those citations that are waiting for you and the cops are at your door…

Saint Motel AJ

How did you guys all meet to form the fab four?

AJ: We met in college. He [Greg] went to college near our college and we [AJ and Aaron] went to film school [in Chapman!] Dak was working at a sushi restaurant down the street. It kinda all came together.

Your first show as a band?

AJ: Our first show was at Jim Morrison’s apartment when he was at UCLA. We had to carry all our gear up four or five flights of stairs. It was beautiful. It was full of sweaty people and plastic beer cups. It was a great introductory concert.

So we heard someone asked you to marry them on Twitter, what did you say?

Greg: We tried to marry each other as a band. We literally went to a place and they…

AJ: Said “Get out of our place you crazy people, this is Vegas! Law and Order and decency!”

Check out Saint Motel here.

Photography by Scott Wild

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