Is Rihanna’s BBHMM About Her Real Life Ex-Accountant?

Rihanna BBHMM Music Video

The official music video for BBHMM dropped last week ― a visually-provocative stunner directed by Rihanna and Megaforce. Filled with seven minutes of chic henchmen hauling precious cargo, torture and kush, the video has already garnered an onslaught of both praise and criticism for its very NSFW content (FYI).

However, Rih’s history of crafting videos that tend to reflect reality have us thinking that BBHMM is a dose of wishful thinking. In the video, the accountant (aka “The Bitch” who fucked her credit) gets tied up and offed while his wife follows a similar demise by the hands of a knife-wielding RiRi. The scene is reminiscent of a 2012 lawsuit the singer launched against Peter Gournis of Berdon LLP ― her actual accountant at the time. It was alleged that Berdon LLP pocketed 22 percent of the Last Girl on Earth tour’s revenue, while Rih saw only 6 percent. The suit also claimed that Gournis was responsible for poor bookkeeping that lead to her $11 million plummeting to $2 million in 2009.

While RiRi is now reported to be worth roughly $43 million since firing Gournis and won the multi-million dollar settlement last year, judging from the film’s explicit story line, there still seems to be bad blood. Mr. and Mrs. Gournis may want to avoid elevators until this all blows over.