Justin Bieber Releases ‘I’ll Show You’ on ‘Purpose’

Lush Iceland mountain sides, never-ending blue skies, sort-kinda skating on an abandoned airplane, and jumping into ice-cold water in tighty whities are the themes of Justin Bieber’s latest video for “I’ll Show You.”

The new track drops a soaring, dancy beat as Bieber croons about how his past antics (urinating in public, egging neighbors, etc.) are all part of his journey to learning “the hard way”:

Cause life’s not easy/ I’m not made out of steel/ Don’t forget that I’m human/ Don’t forget that I’m real/ Act like you know me, but you never will.

*Sniff* The boy’s so grown, you guys.

Produced by EDM giant Skrillex, “I’ll Show You” follows the recent release of  “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean” from his fourth LP, Purpose, set to drop Novemeber 13. At this rate, Bieber will have given a sneak peak of every track on Purpose by next week.