Jewish Rapper Lil Dicky Shuts Down Reddit with ‘Lemme Freak’ Music Video

16 months ago, David Burd launched “Ex-Boyfriend,” a music video that escalated to 1 million hits within 24 hours of being posted to YouTube. The carefully planned launch — one he worked on for 2 years while balancing an office day job — was the beginning of something the rap game had never witnessed: a fro-topped, mustachioed Jewish rapper dropping self-deprecating lyrics about his minuscule penis, failed hook-up attempts and smoking ganja to the amorous glow of Netflix.

Jewish Rapper Lil Dicky

Today, he’s more than 35K Twitter followers, 150 YouTube subscribers and 47K Facebook likes deep. It’s a success story most record labels drool over — but thanks to his strategic marketing and loyal fan following, the aptly named Lil Dicky remains independent, free to rap and perform however the, ahem, fuck he wants.

His latest video, “Lemme Freak,” hit Reddit’s front page yesterday, temporarily taking over the internet.

Toke and watch above.

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