James Blunt Apologizes for ‘You’re Beautiful’

james blunt apologizes song

James Blunt Apologizes

James Blunt is very, very sorry that his (in)famous hit song “You’re Beautiful” was “force-fed down people’s throats.”

The sad English singer revealed his remorse last week, telling Hello! magazine that his 2005 chart-topping crooner became the bane of his music career, pigeonholing him as a particular kind of artist. If you need a reminder about what track we’re talking about (although we can guarantee the tune is playing in your head right now), it’s the double platinum song Blunt co-wrote with Sacha Skarbek and Amanda Ghost that received a rush of accolades and proceeded to oversaturate your earholes. As an unfortunate result, the puppy-eyed artist became one of the biggest causes for eye-rolling.

“There was one song that was force-fed down people’s throats – You’re Beautiful – and it became annoying,” he told Hello! “And then people start to associate the artist with the same word.”

Blunt says that his record company at the time marketed him to “women during Desperate Housewives’ commercials and you lose 50 per cent of the population in doing so.” Apparently, all women adore syrupy break-up songs and the other 50 percent of the population consists of bro-men fist pumping to Avicii.

Eventually, the “annoying” song began to take a toll on him and he claims that the record company also portrayed him as a very different person in the public eye. “The marketing also painted me out as an insanely serious person, an earnest person and, as all my friends know, I’m anything but,” Blunt insists. “People can see I don’t take myself that seriously.” There, there, buddy. We’ll take your word for it.

Luckily, things are looking spiffy for the singer-songwriter. A year ago, he released his fourth studio album Moon Landing — which we’re assuming has no trace of tear-jerking love songs, or maybe it does, someone get it off iTunes and tell us — and collaborated with heavy hitters Tom Rothrock, Guy Chambers, Steve Mac and Steve Robson. We only hope brilliant things for you buddy, and hopefully you’ll be flying high soon. If not, “You’re Beautiful, Part 2” would make a great accompaniment to Orange is the New Black.

Just kidding. Don’t you fucking dare.