Rapper Makes Hilariously Honest Video That Says What Everyone Else Is Thinking

He had us at “Hash Brown”.

Rapper Hopsin is back from his temporary retirement in Australia and back in the states as Hash Brown in his latest (and arguably best/most hilarious) track yet. Enter: “No Words.”

The new music video throws shade at the state of current hip-hop and it’s slew of unintelligible lyrical flows compensated by catchy beats.

“Man, rap today fuckng sucks bad, I don’t care what anybody says,” Hopsin, aka HB, drops. “They’re not even saying words anymore. They just got a hard-ass fucking beat to trick dumbasses like you to make you think you like the shit. I know for a fact nobody know what the fuck these dudes be saying!” Oof.

The song then dips into some gratuitous auto-tune and a rabbit hole of, well, no words, and a really, really sick beat. Well done, Mr. Hash Brown.