An Interview with Cool Girl Grace Weber

Interview with Grace Weber

“I look at my journey as a refinement” says Grace Weber, a blonde-crop, Brooklyn-based but Wisconsin-born pop singer.  “I had to go through the darkest parts of myself and go through heartbreak and pain,” she continues in reference to her new album The Refinery, a collection of autobiographical vignettes.

We caught up with Weber after she finished up a show at Hollywood’s Hotel Café last week during the final leg of her tour. Wrapped in a midriff top and airy kimono, on stage her voice radiates an infectious feel-good vibe ranging from delicate to hard-hitting notes. The overall effect is an unexpected old school feel that reminds you of cutty coffee shops and smoky alleys where the cool kids hang out.


Interview with Grace Weber

Singing in a Gospel Choir, a Tina Turner Impersonator

I grew up singing in a gospel choir, which really solidified how I felt about singing. Being able to sing in a gospel church setting is great because you get an instant feeling of appreciation and you really get to put yourself out there. When I was 12 years old I was part of a group at church where I learned about black music over the years and I got to hang around Temptations impersonators, a Tina Turner impersonator and a few others and then I got to perform with them. At 12, this had a huge impact on me.


Love & Pain

I feel that in relationships things are dramatic and tumultuous. But I mean, when you find someone you love, I don’t think love and pain really go together, but overall they do go hand in hand a lot of the time. That was actually the only song on my album that I didn’t write. My producer’s wife wrote it. Her name is Sandrine and she’s an Australian singer-songwriter. I liked the song but wanted to give it a 70s soul vibe.


Self-Doubt makes for a great source of inspiration

I didn’t feel confident being the person I was and there was someone who I’m still with [she’s been in a committed relationship for 7 years] who taught me how to love myself. So in a way [“Like a Fool”] is saying you love me like a fool. How can you love me? Also, thank you for loving me.


The universe knows what’s up. Trust.

Take your time and keep growing and don’t give up. My biggest mistake was getting stressed about making it and wanting to achieve certain things by certain ages. It took me a while to grow and figure out who I was as a singer. If you want to be a singer-songwriter, have life experiences and just treat it like a craft. When it’s time, the universe will take you there.

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