Drake Gets a Prayer Hands Emoji Tattoo

Drake Emoji Tattoo

Drake Emoji Tattoo

If the photo tattoo artist Doctor Woo posted to Instagram is to be believed, then Drake just rolled through and inked himself with an prayer-hands emoji. In the caption, Dr. Woo thanks the rapper for stopping by his parlor:

@champagnepapi good times, thanks for the visit #jimjoe6  #wordsofwisdom #shamrocksocialclub

Of course, the internet proceeded to lose its mind, as fans either approved of the low-key troll or wtf’d in disbelief. Among the media frenzy, Denny’s couldn’t help but join the action (because that’s what brands do):

While Drake has yet to confirm the photo’s authenticity, he did leave some thoughtful words on a re-gramed photo of the original:

We’re just surprised he didn’t get the sad face-cry emoji tatted on instead.